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First of all I want to discuss why it is very important I like other games. I like a great very first individual shooter (fps) however it is an affected genre particularly since of the Call of Duty franchise. Considering that Modern Warfare 2 I have felt that the COD video games have actually ended up being relatively recurring even with Zombies (because video games like Left 4 Dead do that much better). I've been stuck on Battleground Bad Business 2 for a while and was looking forward to Battleground 4, given that 3 just generally looked better and very little else. BF4 is a rejuvenating re re-haul that resembles Bad Company 2 and with that being stated I had no objective to get Call of Duty Ghosts. The thing that got me was the trailer for "Extinction" mode. It looked interesting & rejuvenating (even if the concepts were rather similar to any type of crowd video game like zombies, necromorphs, etc) so I decided to get it. I would also such as to make clear I bought it from a local video gaming spot that would let me return it no matter what so was my fail safe if the video game drawn. The game did not suck. I was discouraged that I had to play a few of the campaign to open Extinction but man I'm glad I needed to.


Campaign mode really has some sort of depth to it. There is of course plenty of simply shooting & pounding it out against AI however it's got character. There is some kind of story mentioning to aspect that makes the game feel legendary in addition to the settings of the video game which is a type of semi post apocalyptic world. Part of my case is the truth you can make use of a freakin dog whether that be from the first person point of view or using him as a convenient kind ofweapon, I think. It's incredible. Do not wish to enter heavy information much more but the campaign alone is worth it. Extinction ended up being what sold me on the video game BUT it's not what made me not only keep however made me thankful I got deceived into playing the campaign which is fantastic. I like this game a lot and I believe mostly because it's ENJOYABLE! It's supposed to be fun after all. Some individuals concentrate on the graphics is so heavy that I assume they forget that there's a game under the graphics. The graphics aren't even inadequate, they're respectable however obviously they'll be better on PS4. This video game is worth it now PARTICULARLY given that my had a code that let's me get a digital download of Ghosts once more for PS4 forwait for it 10 PROFITS! (I will probably do that and afterwards get the disc for PSN when it's super cheap down the line and erase the dload video game off my PSN, I would suggest the same to you if you have this / will own this game too.).



I will remain to take pleasure in Battlefield 4 for it's multiplayer & I am freaking grateful I saw that fast Termination Trailer for Ghosts due to the fact that now I have the terrific chance to play this excellent video game as well. COD Ghosts is good if you want to have a good time and In Case you want something different or simply improved even though it's simply the tone & feel of the campaign. This game for me is really better than anticipated. Get it, do yourself a favor.



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