SimCity Dominate in City Simulation 

Since the release of the first SimCity it's been nine years, now Maxis and EA introduced another SimCity like SimCity 4, SimCity 2013 and the latest SimCity BuildIt which lately I will tackle down. It's been ten years they have making some changes and how it turn out very good and embraced by customers and they enjoy the video game in their homes and phone.

If you enjoy SimCity 5 which came in February due to client demand, they created version which you can play them in Xbox 360 and PS3. Because of that before they released the SimCity 5 they had hired the best men for the task and never let the clients down on their demands. As you can see it became very trending until today. Simulation video games is a wonderful trend with EAs trademark and Maxis. 

EA really understand the thinking of those parents who really desire their children to play a safety video game. And here goes the SimCity entertainment where you get to build a wonderful city, in fact SimCity BuildIt today can be played in your phone in 3D online and offline. Another thing you can look forward about SimCity is that you there are no violence. I think the video game teach us how to manage a City if even if this will not happen in real life, but who knows you can be one day become a mayor in real life even if this game is not totally identical to the real Mayor who manage a City but with that you can have a background about.

EA already dominate in the game with SimCity I think in my observation this is their footprints in the world of gaming though they have featured top video games from the past until now. A wonderful entertainment from SimCity video games is free, for those who are looking for video games that allow your brain to have exercise and initiative to work then SimCity is the one. Check SimCity BuildIt, SimCity Cities of Tomorrow and SimCity all versions.

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