The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt - Hunting World

The game “Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is about to release and its one month to go upon the release. The game is filled with thrill and excitement and somewhat can’t wait to play this game.

Within a month this monster will out from the box and will capture every gamer’s attention to the maximum limit. Gamers will like to try the features that they make “heavily combat plus the extremely fluid and accurate game control. This may feel awkward but it is fun anyway, Project Red push and willing to release the exact date. The other thing would be changing controllers, gamepad to mouse and this automatically change the setting of screen display.

You will select difficulty level which is easy, normal, hard and lastly dark but things is, it is an easy access to change settings. When changing the difficulty level there is a certain effect of enemy AI and it can alter your game play too easy to hard. Some AI will change their strategy on fighting you they will use evade and some hit points will also increase or go down. 

In this game there a tons of customization upon this game and you set quest to deactivate and also get rid of markers. Note that you can encounter Geralts adventure without any screen display, as you can see that screen display makes the game so annoying.

Other features upon the game are to make a deal to people, meaning you will make a bargain to them to hunt down every monster they ask. There are many NPC who shows emotion like angry, crying, and happy and anything else that consist of emotion. 

The best part would be Kaer Morhen this somewhat surrounds the big prologue of the game within 5 hours of game play, it somewhat a too long for a prologue and its fun.  When talking about the horse item you can use saddlebag to have lots of space and it would be better to have a sattle for your horse in order for your mount to have a long lasting stamina in long journey.

Take note about the certain enemy you encounter, the enemy with the skull symbol, they are the type of enemy you won’t go easy with. This type of enemy is aggressive and very skillful of certain combats plus they somewhat utilize every weapon that they have and more over they are persistent to attack you until you out cold.


More here to acquire the adventure of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Play the game in Xbox, PS3 and PC.

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