Things You Want To Know About The Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is somewhat to be so amazing in the first place but it has many fan that somewhat dying to play this game. The game is somewhat base upon the book that show the scenario is somewhat to be dark fantasy role playing game. 

During the previous game of the witcher you will take the lead character Geralt the hero of the story, he is one of the strongest witcher that really wants to hunt monsters. He has a mutant blood that possesses to become a superhuman, he is a kind of witcher who combine sword and spells to take down enemies. He can also do alchemy and light magic and he is also good at tracking his prey or finding some treasures.

He is also a sleuth and a mercenary that somewhat very skillful, he is a ladies’ man. He travels around with a two sword and a horse. As you can see the two swords has different purpose, the light sword for fast and quick attack.  The heavy sword is good for heavy blows and good for heavy armored enemies.

Geralt is traveling with a horse and to think is sucks on interaction and also people hates him because of what he is. He can also do evil and gather a sack of gold, this game is more like GTA V, and the lead character is a bad ass. 

The physical appearance of Geralt is not really common, he has a scars and white hair and his voice is monotonous that can make ladies get off their under ware. There are many characters that are similar to his face and to what he is. Like Clint Eastwoods, Solid Snake, Conan the Barbarian and even Philip Marlowe. He is a historical hero or archetypal pulp hero and to think it is quite fascinating how they create a character that has various appearances and look a likes.  The witcher game is somewhat full of vengeful outcast’s and they are quite hot and naughty in appearances. As you can see the new Witcher game is actually a boom in the box, meaning the games is earning a lot of money and one of the best game of the year 2015.  This somehow elaborate the ongoing issue of story, the political and military is somewhat to be in war, kings are greedy enough to widen their boarders and claiming every area of the neighboring country.

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